Kinder Album is the artist based in Lviv, Ukraine.

NFT: https://opensea.io/kinderalbum

Patreon https://www.patreon.com/kinderalbum

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ilovekinderalbum/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iamkinderalbum/



  • “How Did I Get To The Bomb shelter”, group show, The Nordic House, Reykjavik


  • Ukraine, residence and group show, Rikstolvan, Sweden
  • Once upon a time three dead parrots, solo exhibition, ArtEast Gallery, Berlin
  • The Cockerel with Black Wings: A Recovered Heirloom, group show, Viennacontemporary, Vienna


  •  It is not what you think, solo exhibition, Shcherbenko Art Centre, Kyiv
  • Transcending Boundaries, group show, Galeria Tiro Al Blanco, Guadalajara, Mexico


  • Why there will be women artists in Lviv, group exhibition, Lviv Municipal Art Center


  • Between Fire and Fire: Ukrainian Art Now, group exhibition, Wien

  • For example, today, “Piekno Panie” gallery. Lublin, Poland

  • Late check-out, solo exhibition, Shcherbenko Art Centre, Kyiv


  • Not for publication, top secret and private, solo exhibition, Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv


  • MYXI, short list exhibition, Taras Shevchenko musum, Kyiv
  • Festival of Young Artists, group exhibition, Mystetskyy Arsenal, Kyiv
  • Effective Reflexion, solo exhibition, SABSAY gallery, Copenhagen
  • The borders of materiality. Materialization of sense, group exhibition, Voloshyn gallery, Kyiv
  • Winter Album, solo exhibition, Invogue Art, Odessa


  • Say “No” to colored panties!, solo exhibition, Dymchuk Art Gallery, Kyiv
  • Strolls with Pleasure and not Without Moral“, group exhibition, Ya gallery, Dnepr
  • “Trust me if you can’t”, Sabsay gallery, group exhibition , Copenhagen
  • Enjoy!, group exhibition, Gare de Marlon Gallery, Paris
  • L’Albatros mon amour, solo exhibition, Dukley Art Center, Montenegro
  • The Trap, solo exhibition, Kotor, Dukley Art Center, Montenegro


  • “Anamnesis”, solo exhibition, “Piekno Panie” gallery. Lublin, Poland
  • “War. Transcription.” project,  Artvilnus, Vilnus
  • Solo exhibition ‘QUI PRO QUO’, Artsvit gallery, Dnepr
  • “Redicule”, group exhibition, Dymchuk gallery, Kyiv
  • “Dialogia”, group exhibition, Mystetskyy Arsenal, Kyiv
  • Kiev Biennale, Karlsruhe
  • I AM KINDER ALBUM, short-list exhibition of Pinchuk Art Prize, Pinchuk Art center


  • “Les Amours Imaginaires”, Arteria Gallery, The Museum of Odessa Modern Art. Odessa, Ukraine.
  • Group exhibition at London Analogue Festival, Bargehouse – Oxo Tower. London, Great Britain.
  • “Tomcats”, group exhibition, ILKO Gallery. Uzhgorod, Ukraine.
  • “The Next Stop”, street art project in Lviv. Graphic series were exhibited on tram stops.
  • “Kinder Album”, solo graphic exhibition, Dzyga Gallery. Lviv, Ukraine.

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